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Casa Furniture USA

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Modern & Contemporary Furniture for the Greater Orlando Area


  • Our Company applies a quality assurance system based on the ISO 9000 International Standards.
  • Our Products comply with the E1 norm for low formaldehyde emissions.
  • Our UV based finishes and anti-aging chemicals restrict furniture color changes when exposed to the UV light in the home.
  • Our polyester finish is flow coated to the entire product and then UV light cured in finish ovens.

  • Our polyester finish is more durable than normal furniture finished with lacquer coatings.
  • Our polyester finish brings out and maintains the beauty of the wood veneers used in our Products.
  • Caring and Maintaining our Products only requires a clean, soft, damp cotton cloth...it really is that easy!

Our leather quality is among the finest in the industry. Counter to what you would expect, the less finishing work that leather requires, the higher the grade it is given. Leather is graded according to the amount of processing it requires and quality of the hide. If you are purchasing leather furniture, it's important to know the grade of leather to discern whether the price is appropriate and how to clean and care for the piece.



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6733 S Kirkman RD
Orlando, FL 32819-9341

Visit us at our Casa Showroom in Orlando to view our newest luxury indoor and outdoor modern and contemporary furniture collections. We provide service to the Greater Orlando areas including all of Central Florida. Function. Style. Comfort. Design. Living.

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